Dear LBC Leadership,

Over the past several months there has been a lot of confusion about Technical Rule #1, regarding membership participation in unsanctioned amatuer boxing events. 

"Any boxer, coach or official who participates in an unsanctioned boxing contest or tournament is ineligible to participate in competition as an athlete or non-athlete member of USA Boxing.  Such person may make appeal for consideration through USA Boxing’s grievance and complaint process.  (Note:  Non-Athletes are allowed to participate in events sanctioned by State Athletic Commissions or take place on Military Bases and Native American Reservations)"  

While it is your duty to let members know when you hear of an unsanctioned event taking place in your LBC, the message should not state that members will be "suspended" for participating in an event of this nature.  Because there are many different facets that go into determining a decision to suspend a member as well as legal ramifications; effective immediately any and all mass communcations involving possible suspension of USA Boxing membership must be approved by the USA Boxing National Office before being sent out.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynette Smith (, 719-866-2311) so we may arrange a conferene call to discuss further.

Thank you.